Zero-emission construction sites - past activities

Market Dialogue with Volvo

  27 September 2021

Volvo's portfolio of electric machinery

The working group participants had the chance to hear from Volvo about the available and upcoming emission-free construction machinery they manufacture. After Volvo's presentation, the participants engaged in a lively discussion and exchange about performance specifications, price points and implications of use of Volvo’s emission-free machinery on public construction sites. 

Collaborative Market Dialogue Preparations

 18 June 2021

Presentation by Helsinki

Case Study, City of Helsinki

After updates from two working group participants (City of Helsinki & City of Copenhagen) on their current progress and challenges, the group collaborativly prepared for the upcoming joint market dialogues which will start in September.

Kick off Meeting

  12 April 2021

Pilot for zero emission construction site - Oslo

Introductory Presentation by Kaitlyn Dietz, ICLEI

The Participants got together to meet for the first time, exchange on common needs and to prioritize the work within the group.