Electric heavy duty vehicles - past activities

100 Climate Neutral Cities - Seeking: innovative solutions for zero emission waste collection and street cleaning

   21 June 2021

Presentation by Anja DeCunto, EUROCITIES

During the Dutch event ‘100 Climate Neutral Cities’, the working group gathered to engage with new market actors. After presenting Big Buyers to the audience, the meeting focussed on a virutal co-creation session. The goal was to identify European levers and challenges to reach emission free Heavy duty vehicles in Europe by 2030.

Market dialogue with VDL Translift

   4 June 2021

The first market dialogue was held with VDL Translift. The director of VDL Translift introduced the company’s e-fleet. Then, the participants engaged through a Q&A session.

Kick off Meeting

   19 April 2021

Introductory presentation by Anja DeCunto, EUROCITIES

The Participants got together to meet for the first time, exchange on common needs and to prioritize the work within the group. The City of Rotterdam presented on their current zero emission fleet and their ambitions.