Digital solutions in healthcare - past activities

Webinar Series - "Cross-Border Collaboration on Strategic Value based Procurement of Innovative Solutions"

   15 July 2021 & 14 September 2021

The Big Buyers working group got the chance to participate in two consecutive 2,5 hours webinar sessions in collaboration with the EURIPHI project. In the first session, participants could benefit from expert presentations on the topic of "A Revolution in Mind – A new Framework towards strategic procurement".

During the second session, health practitioners gave insights in their pragmatic implementation throughout Europe under the topic "A Revolution in Mind translated pragmatically in daily practice".

Webinar: A Revolution in Mind – A new Framework towards strategic procurement

   15 June 2021

The Participants had the opportunity to learn through a series of inspiring presentations covering the topics of innovation procurement in health care as well as value based procurement in the framework of the EURIPHI project.

Kick off Meeting

   20 April 2021

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Introductory presentation by Rafael Hirt, ICLEI

The Participants got together to meet for the first time, exchange on common needs and to prioritize the work within the group. The City of Rotterdam presented on their current zero emission fleet and their ambitions.