Joint Declaration of the Working Group on Circular Construction

The Joint Declaration of Intent agreed by the Members of the Big Buyers for Climate and Environment’s Working Group on Circular Construction indicates the unmet need in the field of road construction, in particular asphalt pavements. It aims to provide Public Buyers and the market with a recommended direction of investments in road construction, as regards the tendering approaches and issues that require further analysis to address the identified risks and the potential for broader use of circular asphalt.

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Introductory Text

This is a joint Declaration of Intent by the Members of the Big Buyers for Climate and Environment’s Working Group on Circular Construction. The Members of the Working Group recognise that in order to offer new high-quality sustainable solutions while remaining competitive and profitable, the asphalt industry needs to plan investments in innovative technologies with a certain degree of confidence in the expected volume of contracts, both as regards the scope, timeline and the conditions applied in future tenders. Such conditions would refer to, among others, the requested minimum and maximum percentages of reclaimed material in asphalt, if applicable, and the methods of bids evaluation and contract awarding under the Public Buyers’ procurement processes most commonly used in each member state. At the same time, the Members recognise that asphalt production is heavily dependent on local conditions, i.e. the availability of material and national regulations that vary across Europe.

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Current signatories:

  • The City of Haarlem
  • The City of Lisbon
  • The City of Rotterdam
  • The City of Valladolid
  • The City of Vienna
  • The City of Zurich
  • Bezirksamt Neukölln von Berlin
  • Bordeaux Métropol
  • Nantes Metropolis
  • Wallonie - Secrétariat général - Direction du Développement durable
  • Belgian Post
  • Brussels Mobility
  • Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR)
  • Rijkswaterstaat